Do You Need a Raleigh Car Accident Lawyer?

Raleigh Car Accident LawyerIf you have been involved in an auto accident and seriously injured, you may be wondering whether you need a Raleigh Car Accident Lawyer.

(Honestly, I hate starting a post that way, but inserting stupid phrases like “Raleigh Car Accident Lawyer” into this article are necessary so that Google can find us.)

But anyway, the bottom line is this – do you need a lawyer to help you with your case or not?

There are a lot of pros and cons to both hiring a lawyer and not hiring a lawyer, but ultimately, there are only two questions you need to ask yourself to make this decision:

  1. Were your injuries serious enough that you will need legal help?
  2. If the answer to the first question is “no”, do you think you are capable of navigating this process on your own?

Depending on how you answer those questions will help you decide whether you need a lawyer.

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What will a Raleigh Car Accident Lawyer Do to Help You With Your Case?

If your injuries were serious, and your gut is telling you to hire a lawyer, here is a list of all the things a lawyer can (and should) do to help you maximize the amount of compensation you receive from your claim.

  1. Interviewing you about the facts of your case and identifying any legal problems you may have.
  2. Talking to the client about the insurance claims process and how it works so that you don’t fall prey to any insurance company tricks or tactics.
  3. Gather evidence to build your case including: medical records, witness statements, police reports, insurance information, etc.
  4. Review your insurance policy to determine whether you have proper coverage to pay for all or a portion of your medical bills during the pendency of your claim.
  5. Review and analyze your insurance policy to determine what insurance is available to you and whether additional insurance should be purchased for future protection.
  6. Collect any other relevant evidence, such as photographs of the accident, the vehicles involved, and the scene of the crash.
  7. Visit the crash site to gather further information and search for additional witnesses, video cameras, or other evidence that will help to build your case.
  8. Analyze all possible legal issues, including contributory negligence and gross negligence that may have an impact on your recovery.
  9. Speak with and interview your medical doctors or otherwise obtain written reports that would help to better explain your medical condition and possible damages.
  10. Review and analyze your health insurance policy or other benefits to determine whether you are legally required to reimburse those companies to benefits paid on your behalf.
  11. Review and analyze any possible liens associated with your case to determine whether they have been properly perfected and to what extent the medical providers should be paid back out of your settlement.
  12. Provide written notice to all insurance companies to advise them of the claim.
  13. Provide a confidential and written settlement evaluation to you prior to engaging in settlement negotiations or filing a lawsuit.
  14. If a lawsuit is a raleigh car accident lawyer will prepare you, any witnesses you have identified, and your healthcare providers for their depositions.
  15. Prepare a thorough and comprehensive written demand package with all relevant documents, including medical records and bills, payroll information, and tax returns.
  16. Conduct discover on your behalf, including setting and taking the depositions of the defendant and any defense witnesses.
  17. Prepare for trial and/or pre-trial mediation.
  18. Organize and prepare medical exhibits for trial.
  19. Prepare any relevant demonstrative exhibits for trial.
  20. Prepare for mediation and/or arbitration.
  21. File briefs, pre-trial motions, and related filings to eliminate the possibility of any “surprises” at trial.
  22. Take the case to trial with a judge or jury.
  23. Preserve all possible bases for appeal if appropriate.
  24. Review the jury verdict to determine whether there are any grounds for appeal by either side.
  25. Make recommendations to you regarding whether an appeal should be taken.
  26. Hold your hand through the entire process, from initial consultation through trial.

I realize this sounds like a lot, and maybe it is. And the last thing we want to do is scare you into thinking you must hire a Raleigh Car Accident Lawyer to help you with your case, because in a great majority of the car accidents, you do NOT need to hire a lawyer. 

Why is this?

Because in a vast majority of the accident cases we see, there is little to no property damage and the injuries are relatively minor. If we agreed to take those cases, you would receive very little compensation after paying your medical bills and our fee. And frankly, that just isn’t fair to you.

If you are still considering whether or not you might need a lawyer, we highly recommend you download our Free Special Report, “5 Fatal Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Accident Claim in North Carolina“. Even if you decide you don’t need a lawyer, this book will help you to identify the traps that an insurance adjuster has set for you to minimize your claim.

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